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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the exact location of Placer Vineyards?

Placer Vineyards is located approximately 15 miles north of the City of Sacramento in the southwest corner of Placer County. The Plan Area is bounded to the north by Base Line Road, to the south by the Sacramento County line, to the west by the Sutter County line and Pleasant Grove Road, and to the east by the Dry Creek Parkway and Walerga Road. The major roads serving the Plan Area-Base Line Road, Watt Avenue and Walerga Road which are all projected to be future thoroughfares.

2. When will the Placer Vineyards project break ground?

Placer Vineyards is currently working with Placer County to finalize project maps. Upon approval of project maps, Placer Vineyards is set to break ground in early 2018.

3. What will Placer Vineyards bring to the region?

    • 32,814 Estimated Population 
    • 14,132 New Homes
    • 107 Acres of Office Development
    • 166 Acres of Rural Development
    • 842.8 Acres of Parks and Open Space
    • 6 Elementary Schools, 2 Middle Schools and 1 High School 
    • 7,691 Jobs

4. What are the housing development standards of Placer Vineyards?

Placer Vineyards encourages the provision of a range of housing choices types, styles and densities to accommodate all income levels. Development standards are flexible to accommodate a wide array of housing types. The goal is to encourage new and creative development forms, especially in high density areas and mixed-use centers.

Placer Vineyards is working towards long-term growth to fit the needs of Placer County while establishing a concentrated, efficient development pattern in the region including a balance of employment, residential, shopping centers, parks, recreational facilities and schools.

5. What does the transportation plan look like for Placer Vineyards?

Placer Vineyards is designed to accommodate a diverse range of transportation modes, which include roadways, street corridors and open space trails for automobiles, emergency vehicles, buses, and other transit services. It will also include bikeways and paths that accommodate pedestrians, bikers and equestrians.

6. How are the Parks and Open Space concepts of Placer Vineyards defined?

The Parks and Open Space system for Placer Vineyards consists of the active parks, recreation facilities, passive open space recreation areas, street landscape corridors and open space buffer areas. The proposed park system includes 128 acres of public parks and 22 acres of private parks for a total of 150 acres. Parks and Open Space include plans for two large community-sized parks, two large open space oak preserve areas, nine neighborhood parks, eight potential joint-use neighborhood park/social sites, town center green, several smaller image parks and a dog park.

7. What public services will be offered to residents of Placer Vineyards?

Public services that will be provided include schools, general County services, a library, fire protection, law enforcementand parks and recreation, as well as a plan for roadways, public transit systems and trails.