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Land Use Development Standards

Placer Vineyards provides a range of housing choices types, styles and densities to accommodate all income levels. Development standards are flexible to accommodate a wide array of housing types. The goal is to encourage new and creative development forms, especially in high density areas and mixed-use centers.

Placer Vineyards is working towards long-term growth to fit the needs of Placer County while establishing a concentrated, compact development pattern in the region with a balance of employment, residential, shopping centers, parks, recreational facilities and schools.

  • 32,814 Estimated Population 
  • 14,132 New Homes
  • 107 Acres of Office Development
  • 166 Acres of Rural Development
  • 842.8 Acres of Parks and Open Space
  • 6 Elementary Schools, 2 Middle Schools and 1 High School 
  • 7,691 Jobs