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Location Strengths

The Placer Vineyards Plan directs the construction of a comprehensively planned new community in southwestern Placer County. This community will connect to emerging developments in the City of Roseville and Sacramento County and will help define an urban character for this area. The individual elements and requirements of this plan all serve to fulfill this vision.

Placer Vineyards is identified in the Dry Creek/West Placer Community Plan, the Placer County General Plan and the Sacramento Area Council of Governments’ (SACOG’s) as a new compact and self-sufficient community. The SACOG Plan is a regional vision to accommodate the longer term growth needs of the Sacramento region. Placer Vineyards is planned to permanently preserve on-site and off-site natural resources and open space by creating a higher intensity urban core connected to transit and providing a broad range of housing choices for affordable to diverse income populations.

Placer Vineyards includes 5,230 acres of land located approximately 15 miles north of the City of Sacramento in the southwest corner of Placer County. The land is primarily level and has gently rolling terrain that slopes primarily southwest and partially toward Dry Creek. The land consists mostly of undeveloped grazing and agricultural land with approximately 150 residences located in the Special Planning Area (SPA) concentrated in the northwest corner of the Plan Area. The primary land use in the area has historically been agriculture with rice lands, vineyards, orchards, grazing land and areas devoted to field crops. In some areas the land has lain fallow for several years. The Plan Area also contains a number of small tree groves and isolated oak stands primarily along the southern border adjacent to the Dry Creek parkway and existing Dyer Lane. Neighboring land uses in the area consist of agricultural grazing land, farming and large-lot rural residential uses.