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Placer Vineyards aims to provide schools that are within a safe, convenient walking distance of residential neighborhoods. 6 Elementary Schools, 2 Middle Schools, and 1 High School will be established to suit the needs of the growing community.

Elementary Schools – will serve kindergarten through grades 5/ 6. Sites are 12 acres in size with an adjacent neighborhood park, within residential neighborhoods, and provide easy auto access from local residential and collector streets.

Middle Schools – sites are planned for 22.5 acres in size and will serve grades 6 through 7/8. These sites will be located within residential neighborhoods on major collector streets.

High School – the site will be located on Palladay Road between A Street and Base Line Road at 50 acres. The school will serve grades 9 through 12 and is sited on collector sites, in proximity to the surrounding residential community, local commercial services, and adjacent to park facilities located in the community park.